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          click to open complete Thursday Night Yoga program information

          Click to open our Pickleball Registration information in a new tabPickleball Full Season Membership Registration – Open!

          Toys On Tour (Toy Library)
          Visit the toy lending library !

          Please join us for a FAMILY FUN DAY!

          Bring your family and enjoy a morning filled with fun!
          Bike Rodeo Course (bring your bicycle/tricycle and helmet!), parachute games, obstacle course, water play, omnikin ball, and much more!
          Special guests:
          Junkyard Symphony: interactive show for the whole family
          Ottawa Public Library: will be offering storytime
          Fire truck and police cruiser
          Ottawa Public Health
          Ottawa Safety Council: bike rodeo course (bring your bicycle/tricycle and helmet!), pedestrian safety edution, BestFit r seat information
          Some important details:
          Bring your own nut-free snack, blanket, sunscreen, etc.!
          Rain or Shine — the event is happening
          Washrooms will be indoors and will be accessible until 12:30 pm
          We will be offering freezies and popcorn
          Date: Thursday June 23
          Time: 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
          Lotion: Clarence Maheral Park
          Click here to register